Just as with a traditional printer, the resolution of a 3D printer matters. But in the 3D world, resolution is directly related to how useful an object printed with a 3D printer will be. Of course, the higher the resolution, the longer an item will take to print. Today’s 3D printers can print layer heights of between 100 and 150 microns. This will not result in a smoothly-printed object. Instead, running one’s fingers along an object printed at this resolution will reveal small variations in the object, much like one might experience when running their finger along a stack of paper.

Currently, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act states that any data that is over 180 days old and stored on a server will be considered to be abandoned. This means that any agency can have free access to it, much like when a piece of artwork or music enters the public domain. However, experts say that this must change. The archaic ECPA’s definition of data covers old technology because of the period in which it was written. But in addition to that, its definition of data is vague. Despite this, agencies concerned with law enforcement appear to have sidestepped any responsibility where the updating of this law to protect internet users is concerned.

The exploitation of the Master Key vulnerability in Android devices was recently discovered to be in two apps developed in China. These apps were both legitimate, and used by Android owners to make physician appointments. And the information being obtained by hackers successfully exploited the master key vulnerability included phone numbers and address information. But information isn’t the only frightening thing about the master key vulnerability; it also allows hackers to control devices remotely. This can mean a hacker can use another person’s device to send high-cost SMS messages to be billed to the user, as well as disable apps a user may have on their device.

Those who have tried mega-speed service like Google Fiber say there is nothing like it. But how much does it actually cost the customer? At the most basic, a Google Fiber plan will cost $300 up front, but this is for no data cap. Alternatively, customers can pay a more affordable $25 per month for the service, which actually guarantees free internet for seven years. To get speeds of 150 Mbps when downloading, it will cost you $100 per month. Of course, those who consider themselves to be heavy internet users may be much more likely to pay this fee than someone who only goes online to check email.  It makes sense to ask if fiber is the right solution for you.

A small business that is highly reliant on its website for revenues likely will not want to suffer a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. Such attacks are hacking assaults that outright shut down a website. Often, it is very difficult for a business to prevent a DoS attack. The way a business should deal with such an attack would be to take the steps to bring the site back online as quickly as possible. Once the site is back online, the next step to take would be to determine what security flaws contributed to the attack then take steps to ensure it does not occur again. In a sense, it could be said the best way to deal with such a scenario, is to make sure it never happens again.

insHow much information are you giving away on your social media sites? If you are like most people, you are giving away to much information. While it may seem harmless to give away information where you go to school, where you work and major landmarks near your home, you are offering strangers insights into where they can find you. In truth, when you offer up too much information on your social media site, you can be helping thieves, stalkers and other less than desirable persons. Social media definitely is a good way of connecting with others. The problem so many make is they take things a bit too far because of their comfort levels with sharing info on social media. Do not make such a common error. Be less forthcoming online.

When you are publishing a website for commercial reasons, you do need to be sure you clearly understand the usage limits on your site. If not, you might find your site inexplicably going offline. This will not help your business in any way since customers cannot patronize it if they cannot access the website. Launching a strong traffic building campaign is definitely advised. However, you do need to be sure your site will not crash as a result of the traffic that it draws. Yet, this is exactly what will happen when you are not sure about your usage limits.